Settlement Nation Special Edition: How Does Reinsurance Work?


Do you have questions about how reinsurance works in general, or specifically the reinsurance agreement between Hannover Re US and Independent Life? You have come to the right place!

Settlement Nation co-hosts, Chris Bua and Courtney Barber interview Independent Life’s CEO Jimmy Atkins, where Jimmy dives into all of this and more.

Check out the entire interview or skip to a specific topic with the time stamps posted below:

        • What is reinsurance?  (1:02)
        • Who are Hannover Re US?  (8:45)
        • In short, how does the reinsurance agreement with Independent Life and Hannover Re work? (9:22)
        • What does having this agreement mean for payees of Independent Life?  (13:04)
        • What are some common misconceptions of this reinsurance agreement?  (14:38)