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4 Reasons to Consider a Structured Settlement

The purpose of structured settlements is to provide personal injury victims with a plan to protect and secure their future. Choosing to fund a structured settlement is generally the right decision, though there is one exception to the rule. 

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Why Choose Independent Life?

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As the ONLY life insurance company to exclusively focus on structured settlements, Independent Life is uniquely positioned to provide the best structured settlement rates supported by our industry-leading customer service experience for plaintiffs and their attorneys.

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Structured settlements are a safe choice that protect you from many risks.


When you choose a structured settlement, most of these risks are transferred to a life insurance company, like Independent Life.  Our primary business purpose is to manage risk for payees just like you.

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The best advantage of a structured settlement from Independent Life is it frees you up to do what only you can do: live your best life. 


Because of its safety and security, a structured settlement can provide you with a financial foundation to rebuild and achieve your post-accident lifetime goals and objectives.

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Our team is dedicated to structured settlements. Period. And we know that time often equals money. 


That's why Independent Life makes policy issuance our top priority. Our industry-leading customer service team strives to issue policies within a week of receiving all of the proper documentation, but often gets it done in 48 hours or less.  

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Customer Testimonials

Attorney Headshot_Ben-Novotny

"Over the course of my legal career I’ve worked many structured settlement companies and Independent Life is by far the best. Independent Life has worked with my clients to give them certainty in an otherwise uncertain world."

Benjamin R. Novotny
Trial Lawyers for Justice

Attorney Headshot_Jakob-Norman

"The founders of Trial By Human are dedicated to training lawyers to take up the highest calling of our profession - trial lawyers fighting for people. That is why we have partnered with Independent Life, who also represents the best interests of their clients and upholds those values."

Jakob Norman
Trial by Human

Attorney Headshot_Courtney-Rowley

"It's crazy to see how I planned for my future [using attorney fee structures] and that feeling it gives me. I'm in the driver's seat and I can decide when I work and when I don't."

Courtney Rowley
Trial by Woman