Qualified Structured Settlements

Unique financial protection for each unique situation.
PLAINTIFFSPredictable, guaranteed, tax-free income for personal injury, wrongful death or workers’ compensation claims

With a structured settlement in place, your client will experience the security of a custom-designed series of payments to meet everyday needs, significant medical expenses or future obligations like a college education or retirement.

As importantly, structured settlements remove the stress and responsibility of managing settlement proceeds and clients are better protected from the risks of market volatility, unplanned tax liabilities and overspending and exhausting the funds.


The benefits to your clients

BEST PRACTICESPayee Protection Policy

When alerted to attempts by factoring companies to obtain settlement payment rights, we don’t look the other way. Independent Life insists on a fair, lump-sum payment. When clients have engaged in the secondary market, our efforts have yielded them substantially more money.

We participate in hearings, provide written objections, and re-engage the settlement professional that established the payment plan to weigh in on the wisdom of changing it. No matter the outcome, Independent Life claimants do not undertake this process alone.