Attorney Fee Structures

A smart way to manage and maximize income

ATTORNEYSStructuring your fees maximizes the amount of money you receive by spreading out your tax obligation

With taxes deferred until you receive payment, you can design an income flow that works for you or your firm.  Payouts, which include the earnings on deferred funds, may be taxed at a lower rate when payments are extended through retirement.

By structuring your fees, you can lock in a guaranteed stream of future income to match recurring business expenses such as payroll, office rent or marketing.  Payments can also be structured to fund future expenses like your children’s education or your retirement and may be issued directly to you or to your law firm.

Attorney Fee Structures Image

The benefits of structuring your attorney fees

Unique Financial Tools

Maximize your future income potential.

Fee structures provide a unique tool for income tax, financial and estate planning that’s available to you even when clients choose not to structure their settlement.  Unlike 401(k) plans, there’s no limit on the amount of fee income you can structure and no penalties for receiving funds prior to retirement age, which gives you the option to structure the entire amount or a portion.

Attorney fee structures are designed to minimize the impact of market volatility and maximize guaranteed future income.  And, with Independent Life’s next-generation Structured Fixed Index Annuity, attorneys can seek higher potential payouts, adding protection against inflation.