We are a fresh and innovative company, partnering with plaintiff attorneys, settlement consultants and their clients in the fight for justice.

We believe that structured settlements help plaintiffs get the most from their settlement by removing the stress and responsibility of managing settlement proceeds and by helping protect clients from the risks of market volatility and overspending and exhausting their funds.

Our singular focus on structured settlements allows us to use comprehensive, market-leading underwriting and pricing practices, provide high-tech service and innovate to fill gaps and set new standards for the industry.

We analyze cases differently than other insurance companies using an innovative approach to medical underwriting and devote the amount of time and resources to analyzing your circumstances to ensure that you receive the most competitive payout. Closing out cases and issuing annuities is always our top priority. Our responsive service extends through each payment, with our team available every step of the way to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Impressive roster of partners

Independent Life’s dedication and momentum have attracted a strong roster of partners.
Headwater LKCM

Capital: LKCM Headwater


 Reinsurance: Hannover Re U.S. (A.M. Best A+ rated)


Capital: KKR’s Kilter Finance

Black Rock

 Investment Management: BlackRock

High marks from rating agencies

Independent Life earns high marks from rating agencies designated and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission: A by Egan-Jones and A- by KBRA.  The rating agencies cite Independent Life’s high credit quality investment portfolio, the diversified experience of the company’s management team and demonstrated acceptance by key industry players.

Egan Jones Logo
KBRA Rating

Smart and Consistent Growth

With risk-based capital (RBC) ratios in line with structured settlement peers and without legacy liabilities or distractions from other product lines, Independent Life’s growth has been smart and consistent, attracting world-class partners: LKCM Headwater Investments, KKR’s Kilter Finance and Hannover Re USA.

Million Total Settlement Funds Received
Companies Funded With Us
Average Case Size (far exceeds the industry’s $217K)

*As of October 1, 2022