Why the top trial attorneys trust Independent Life for their clients and their firm

When you recommend Independent Life, you’re recommending a different – and better – approach to structured settlements

Independent Life brings specialized expertise and focus to help you solve financial protection needs for your clients in both qualified and non-qualified settlement situations. We apply the same insights to design customized structured fee solutions to help attorneys and law firms smooth out cash flows and gain valuable tax advantages.
Market Leading Pricing
On-call Concierge Service
Innovate Features

MARKET-LEADING PRICINGIndependent Life’s market-leading pricing strategy starts with an innovative approach to medical underwriting

We do not rely solely on industry tables or historical data to determine an injured person’s life expectancy. Instead, when appropriate, we assess and use rated ages specific to injury claimants for better estimates. For larger, more complex cases, our Tier 2 underwriting process includes investing additional time and money to obtain outside expertise so claimants get the most from their settlements and defendants reduce their liabilities.

Behind the scenes, Independent Life’s streamlined business model furthers our pricing strategy. And unlike other providers that need to support legacy books of business, our pricing has always reflected the current interest rate environment, so policies written today don’t subsidize policies written in the past. The bottom line? Your clients receive the most competitive payouts to confidently meet their long-term needs.

Attorney Feature

ON-CALL CONCIERGE SERVICEOur quick turnaround times and the accessibility of our experts create an experience that settlement professionals rely on and recommend

It all starts with our hands-on executive leadership team, who collaborate on cases, adding deep experience and innovative perspectives. When you combine this approach with our end-to-end technology that streamlines each step from quoting through last payment, it’s easy to see why our turnaround times are setting higher standards for the industry.

On average,

  • Email and phone response time is 1 hour
  • Policies are issued in 1 day
  • Commissions are settled in less than a week

INNOVATIVE FEATURESIn an industry that doesn’t see much change, we focus on addressing persistent issues and filling gaps through innovation

  • Our one-of-a-kind Payee Protection Policy protects your clients from factoring companies offering to pay pennies on the dollar to obtain their settlement payment rights. When alerted to factoring attempts, we don’t look the other way. Independent Life insists on a fair, lump sum payment. When our clients have engaged in the secondary market, our efforts have yielded them substantially more money. We participate in hearings, provide written objections and re-engage the settlement professional that established the payment plan to weigh in on the wisdom of changing it.
  • New products to help clients further optimize their settlement include our next generation Structured Fixed Index Annuity to deliver higher potential payouts, adding protection against inflation.
  • Compensation solutions break down barriers. Our duration-based broker compensation schedule better aligns commissions with product economics and consumer value.