Non-Qualified Structured Settlements

A tax-efficient way for clients to get more.

PLAINTIFFSSettlements or awards from disputes that do not qualify for the physical injury tax exemption can be converted into a series of periodic payments that are taxable only when received.

With a structured settlement in place, your client will experience the security of a custom-designed series of payments to meet everyday needs, significant medical expenses or future obligations like a college education or retirement.

As importantly, structured settlements remove the stress and responsibility of managing settlement proceeds and clients are better protected from the risks of market volatility, unplanned tax liabilities and overspending and exhausting the funds.

Independent Life Right

The benefits to your clients

When to consider a Non-Qualified Structured Settlement

Non-qualified structured settlements are available for a wide range of settlement types, including:
Wrongful termination
Sexual harassment
Psychological or emotional harassment
Construction defect
Punitive damages
Whistleblower claims
Environmental claims
Errors and omission claims
Directors and omission claims
Patents or intellectual property
Installment sales of real estate or business
Wrongful incarceration
Attorney fees associated with these types of cases

Independent Life brought non-qualified assignment flexibility back to the marketplace and remains one of the few providers.

Attorneys and brokers find structured settlements useful even for cases that don’t meet the requirements for tax-free benefits.  Non-qualified structures defer and spread taxes for the plaintiff and save both the plaintiff and defendant time and trial and appeal costs.