Independent Life is always unbelievably helpful day or night. I have been very impressed by the world class customer service provided by them. Their willingness to go above and beyond, while partnering with the brokers and case managers to do what is best for the Annuitant, makes the process seamless for all parties.
Kristi TylerSynergy Settlement Services
99.9% of the time Independent Life offers the best returns for our clients, but 100% of the time their customer service and client protection are the best in the industry.
Joseph V. CamerlengoThe Truck Accident Law Firm
Very impressed. I submitted the final docs on a case around noon and had the policy within 3 hours. That's a GREAT turnaround.
Structured Settlement Consultant
Jakob Norman

“The founders of Trial By Human are dedicated to training lawyers to take up the highest calling of our profession – trial lawyers fighting for people. That is why we have partnered with Independent Life, who also represents the best interests of their clients and upholds those values.”

Jakob Norman
Trial By Human

Bejamin Novotny

“Over the course of my legal career I’ve worked with many structured settlement companies and Independent Life is by far the best. Independent Life has worked with my clients to give them certainty in an otherwise uncertain world.”

Benjamin R. Novotny
Trial Lawyers for Justice

Courtney Rowley

“It’s crazy to see how I planned for my future [using attorney fee structures with Independent Life] and that feeling it gives me. I’m in the driver’s seat and I can decide when I work and when I don’t.”

Courtney Rowley
Trial by Woman

Nicholas J. Coccimiglio

“Choosing a life company may be the most important financial decision my clients will ever make. More than any other life company, my clients choose to trust Independent Life. Independent Life has earned that trust through their plaintiff friendly business practices that consistently put the interests of my clients first.”

Nick Coccimiglio
Justice for Life, LLC


Justice Warriors

Independent Life is fortunate to work with some of the nation's most highly respected trial attorneys in their fight for justice.
Trial Lawyers for Justice
Trial By Human

How does the Payee Protection Policy Make a Difference?

Independent Life engages the professionals who designed the plan so that the payee does not have to undertake this process alone. Independent Life is also committed to fighting back against unfair pricing practices, predatory practices, and forum shopping which sometimes occur with these proposed transfers.

 Independent Life created the first Payee Protection Policy in the structured settlement industry to offer SECURITY for our payees. We take the extra steps to re-engage the professionals that established the payment plan to secure it or weigh in on the wisdom of changing it. Independent Life will attempt to protect its payees from any and all proposed transfer petitions we view as unfair to our payees. 

Associations & Memberships

Trial Lawyers University
West Virginia Association for Justice
Dordick Trial College
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association
Montana Trial Lawyers Association
Trial Lawyers University
Lanier Trial Academy Master Class 5.0
National Structured Settlements
SFTLA - San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
Society of Settlement Planning
The National Medicore Secondary Payer Network
American Association of Settlement Consultants
CTLA - Colorado Trial Lawyers Association