Independent Assignment Company Announces Contract with ALM Media

Relationship will Feature Product Workshop at America’s Claims Event (ACE) Conference and Distribution of Online Structured Settlement Legal Textbook

DALLAS – (May 15, 2018) – Company officials today announced that Independent Assignment Company (IAC) will contract with ALM Media to help promote increased educational awareness of the enhanced value of structured settlements in the current economic environment that increases consumer protection, creates new claim challenges and encourages “safe harbor” government compliance.

The strategic educational contract will begin with a Product Workshop at America’s Claim Event (ACE) that takes place on June 25 – 27 in Austin, Texas. The conference, for senior claims executives in insurance organizations, will examine how disruption and innovation are changing the claims function as the insurance industry continues to evolve. Senior claims executives of property and casualty insurance companies have represented one of the most important advocate groups supporting structured settlements since the concept was first introduced in the late 1970s. IAC’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Daniel Durbin and IAC’s Vice President of New Business Development Patrick Hindert, two structured settlement industry leaders and market experts, will lead the Product Workshop. They will use recent studies to highlight current structured settlement discontinuities and opportunities for claims executives and their staffs to realign their programs to achieve immediate operational improvement and “safe-harbor” governmental compliance.

“The dialog at the workshop is intended to be intriguing, challenging and stimulating,” said Durbin. “We will delve into the future of structured settlements and how senior claims executives can re-design their structured settlement programs to help improve today’s claim management processes; the significant disconnects between how senior claims executives and front line claims professionals view structured settlements; the best practices in this challenging and evolving market for the benefit of all participants in the process; and how the very best claims departments are using structured settlements to save time and resources in today’s claims environment.”

A second part of IAC’s structured settlement strategic educational relationship with ALM features the legal textbook Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments, co-authored by Daniel Hindert, Joseph Dehner and Patrick Hindert, and published by Law Journal Press, an ALM affiliate. First published in 1986, and updated semi-annually, this legal textbook has provided structured settlement and settlement planning professionals with an authoritative reference guide, consisting of 16 chapters with extensive footnotes and Appendix documents, to help them understand issues and fashion settlements and judgments utilizing periodic payments. Both the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) and the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP) have utilized this legal textbook as an educational resource for their certification programs.

To provide a vital resource to structured settlement consultants and settlement planners, IAC has contracted with ALM to provide every consultant and settlement planner associated with IAC a one-year subscription to the book’s online version paid for by IAC. The online version includes a search feature and download capability as well as link features to access individual book sections, appendices, footnotes, cases and statutes. IAC personnel will also work with the book’s co-authors and publisher to continue to update and improve the content of the book.

“IAC’s business strategy will focus on helping structured settlement consultants and personal injury settlement planners improve and grow the structured settlement market,” said Hindert, who will continue as co-author of the book in addition to his role as VP of New Business Development for IAC. “We view the Internet version of the book as a strategic educational resource to help accomplish that objective.”

About Independent Assignment Company

Independent Assignment Company, a subsidiary within the Independent Insurance Group, will seek to be the best in class servicer of the advisors to all settling parties, especially personal injury victims and their families. Independent Assignment Company, Independent Life Insurance Company and their holding company, Independent Insurance Group, were formed as a collaboration between management and LKCM Headwater Investments (“LKCM Headwater”), the private investment arm of Luther King Capital Management, a Fort Worth based investment firm founded in 1979 with approximately $15 billion in assets under management for high net worth individuals, institutional clients, private investment partnerships and mutual funds.

About Independent Life Insurance Company

Independent Life Insurance Company, also a subsidiary within the Independent Insurance Group, is the first annuity provider to focus exclusively on the structured settlement market to help personal injury victims and their families. Independent Life’s goal is to provide trustworthy, competitive and innovative annuity products that professional consultants can easily integrate with other financial products and governmental benefits to produce optimum settlement planning solutions for personal injury victims and their families. Independent’s risk profile is dramatically different from all previous annuity providers funding structured settlements because it is a single purpose insurer without the entanglements of unrelated product lines that have challenged some other providers. Additionally, it does not have any historical structured settlement annuities with pricing out of alignment with today’s investment environment.

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About ALM

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