Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments Book Release 67

Since it was first published in 1986, “Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments” (S2P2J), has provided structured settlement stakeholders with an authoritative reference guide, consisting of 16 chapters with extensive footnotes and Appendix documents, to help them understand historical development as well as current issues and fashion settlements and judgments utilizing periodic payments.

Both the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) and the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP) have utilized S2P2J as an educational resource for their certification programs.

Co-authored and updated semi-annually by Daniel W. Hindert, Joseph J. Dehner and Patrick J. HindertS2P2J features an online version as well as the traditional hard copy. Online S2P2J includes a search feature and download capability as well as link features to access individual book sections, appendices, footnotes, cases and statutes.

This past month, publisher Law Journal Press distributed hard copy supplements of Release 67 with online subscribers receiving their update simultaneously with no additional subscription charge.

ILIC20_S2P2J Book Cover

Release 67 Highlights – Release 67 features new, updated and/or expanded sections and appendices addressing the following structured settlement and settlement planning topics:

  • Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) – With increasing apparent single event QSF funding occurring in the marketplace, Release 67 expands the book’s guidance with additional, balanced coverage to the controversial “single claimant” issue.
  • Data Privacy – A new subsection on “data privacy” offers “best practice” policy recommendations for structured settlement professional to safeguard sensitive health information regardless of whether HIPAA requirements apply to them directly.
  • Court Decisions – Release 67 discusses
    • A 2020 California court decision finding that California’s periodic payment of judgments act can be applied to arbitration awards.
    • A 2019 Georgia case providing a cautionary precedent in use of confidentiality provisions when court approval is required – with alternative recommendations from the authors.
    • A 2019 Missouri case highlighting potential discounting issues arising under certain periodic payment of judgment statutes.
    • Multiple court decisions refusing a transfer of settlement rights when a federal statute was the source of the settlement.
  • New and/or Updated Appendix Materials
    • State-of-the-art settlement agreement and release for a structured settlement
    • Template for a Supplemental Schedule used with structured settlements
    • Forms for creating and using a Qualified Settlement or 468B Fund
    • Template for a HIPAA Compliance Policy
    • Format for a Medicare Set-Aside Trust