Misconceptions Attorneys Have About Structured Settlements

Misconceptions Attorneys Have About Structured Settlements

Thank you for your interest in our e-book. Our goal is to help dispel any misconceptions attorneys may have about structured settlements, their benefits to plaintiffs, and their long-term value to attorneys themselves.

Attorneys may think of structured settlements as an outdated or unfamiliar settlement technique and most plaintiffs’ frame of reference for structured settlements is likely tainted by late night commercials offering “cash now!”

For the record, Independent Life opposes and is not involved in the re-sale market or in ‘factoring’ transactions. We are singularly focused on the primary market for structured settlements.

Structured settlements have played a pivotal role in helping personal injury victims and their families since Congress granted them a public policy tax benefit in the early 1980s. Since then, structured settlements have become a reliable way for plaintiffs to accept their settlement funds and receive guaranteed future, often lifetime, periodic payments.

Structured settlements can also provide benefits that allow attorneys to maximize their fees for current and future expenses. However, since many attorneys either misunderstand or are unaware of the benefits of structuring their fees, they typically
overlook this option. We hope this e-book will encourage attorneys to take a deeper look at the value structured settlements can provide for themselves and their clients.

As attorneys you work hard every day, sometimes for months or even years, to secure the best outcome for personal injury victims.

As these cases approach a resolution, the best thing you can do for your clients is set up a discussion with a structured settlement consultant who can build a comprehensive financial plan that will optimize that hard-won settlement to secure their future.

We hope our e-book will help debunk the common misconceptions attorneys have about structured settlements while highlighting their advantages for your clients and for yourself, your future and your firm.

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